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Extension allArticlePlurk Joomla extensions

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extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:allArticlePlurkAfter the success of our initial social networking extension, allArticleAnnounce, Joomtraders has had several requests to construct a similar extension for the popular, but relatively new, social network called Plurk (http://www.plurk.com).allArticlePlurk is designed as a link to Plurk from Joomla!, eliminating the need to manually publish an article to both websites. By using allArticlePlurk, a user can let their friends and followers on Plurk know of the existence of a new article the second it is published. By cross linking an article to a social network as flourishing as Plurk, webmasters can expect to improve their search engine optimisation and their own following.In allArticlePlurk version 1.1.0, users are given the choice of using either the first 80 characters of their article or the Metadata description of an article to update to Plurk, along with the page’s title and respective SEF URL! allArticlePlurk also allows for users to specify exactly what categories they wish to have updates sourced from. This stops the risk of articles, such as a 404 error or a privacy policy, becoming unexpectedly front page news.Features in Version 1.1.0:* The choice of selecting multiple categories to publish from, rather than just setting the choice for each article individually. * Global configuration options reside within the component, making the extension easier and quicker to use. The ability to choose between posting the first 80 characters or the Metadata description of an article, on an article by article basis. * The short URLs use and redirect to SEF URLs. * A history log is now available through the backend of the component. It logs all Plurk updates made through allArticlePlurk. * The ability to choose a before date to set old articles to not publish when the extension is first installed. This prevents old articles from sending out updates when they are first edited and saved after the initial installation of allArticlePlurk. * The ability to set a timeout period, to stop the risk of slowing or halt of the website the extension is installed on if there is a bad connection. * Can work alongside other Joomtraders social networking extensions; allArticleAnnounce and allInstantTweet.

Link to extension in joomla extensions directory: Extension allArticlePlurk Joomla extensions