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Extension allInstantPlurk Joomla extensions

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extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:allInstantPlurkEver been midway through writing an article and had the revelation “this sentence would make a fantastic plurk?” There are few things more frustrating than being too short on time to navigate and login to yet another website to get your information out to your clients.That is where allInstantPlurk shines! By simply highlighting the important text in your article (up to 80 characters) and the press of a single button in your WYSIWYG, your thoughts, ideas and important updates are instantly transmitted and posted directly to Twitter with no fuss.Does this sound familiar? Well that is because Joomtraders offer this extension for other popular social networking extensions such as Facebook (allInstantFacebook) and Twitter (allInstantTweet). Check them out over at our extensions page at Joomtraders (http://www.joomtraders.com/extensions.html)Features:* Select text from within an article (up to 80 Characters) and from a simple press of a button, allInstantPlurk will post the select straight to Plurk. * Send plurks from the article WYSIWYG editor in both the backend and the frontend. * The ability to select and store an account to use in the Administrator to save re-entering information. * Can work alongside other Joomtraders social networking extensions; allArticlePlurk, allArticleAnnounce, allInstantFacebook and allInstantTweet.

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