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Extension Barcodes Deluxe for Virtuemart Joomla extensions

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extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:Barcodes Deluxe for VirtuemartALL 3 BARCODE SYSTEMS IN ONE PACKAGE! VM Barcode Inventory + VM ISBN + UPC Tabs INCLUDES 1YR free
BARCODE SERVER SUBSCRIPTION!Inventory listing in the admin with UPC and ISBN barcodes for easy inventory. Tabbed flypages for books and products in retail/wholesale style with UPC/ISBN barcodes. Faster VM inventory updates w/barcodes!1. Print List, 2. Scan List, 3. Adjust inventoryEasy to use! Easy to install! Saves Time!Inventory listings in the admin product listing with barcodes to make physical inventory inspection updates a breeze!WORKS WITH YOUR CURRENT INVENTORY BARCODE SOFTWARE!FAST & EASY TO USE:PRINT VM INVENTORY PAGE: Products > List ProductsUse your VM-Inventory printout to verify physical inventory scans and make adjustments as usual.- Complete a standard physical inventory scan.- Next, set your scanner software to show inventory amount when you scan a barcode.- Scan a barcode on the VM Inventory page, your software will tell you the amount in inventory.- Adjust your Virtuemart inventory quantity for that product to match the results.The package is easy to install.1. Upload two folders. 2. Import an sql file. 3. Type the UPC code in virtuemartFor books, use the ISBN flypage, for standard products, use the barcode_tab flypage.View the new barcode and inventory in your product listing, both admin and tabbed version on the customer side.Barcodes are delivered securely via SSL to your new secure VirtueMart inventory system.

Link to extension in joomla extensions directory: Extension Barcodes Deluxe for Virtuemart Joomla extensions