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Extension Buzz Joomla extensions

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Joomla extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:BuzzBuzz module displays Google Buzz feed on your website on specified position.Google Buzz is a new way to share updates, photos, videos and more, and start conversations about the things you find interesting.
  • Share updates, photos, videos, and more.
  • Start conversations about the things you find interesting.
  • You're already following the people you
  • Email and chat with the most in Gmail.
  • Follow your friends and get recommended
  • Buzz from others — all within Gmail.
  • Native module for ! 1.5
  • Use latest PHP5
  • Caching
  • Skinnable CSS layout and style
  • Dead simple code that use www.simplePie.org RSS parser

Extension for Joomla.

Link to extension in joomla extensions directory: Extension Buzz Joomla extensions