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Extension Customers Who Bought Joomla extensions

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extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:Customers Who BoughtThe analogue of the famous Amazon.com trick 'customers who bought this also bought..' for virtue mart. Some features of this joomla module are:* works with different category products and display items with brief description filtered by category. As one of the selling categories becomes more popular - it will be displayed with the bigger font in a categories list of the tag cloud* allows to show the exact products which were bought together with one of the products from your site or after the sale* you can choose among your products which of them you want to be analyzed. And you shouldn't wait till the component collects enough statistics - you are able to add statistics manually!Note: "Customers Who Bought" joomla component should be used together with VirtueMart - widespread shopping cart software.You just should install the component to the site which has a VM store and select which products should be analyzed by the component. If you don't want to wait until the component collects enough information - you can add some products to the statistics manually - just press on the product name in the "Product analysis list" option and add products to the "Manufactured Product" list.

Link to extension in joomla extensions directory: Extension Customers Who Bought Joomla extensions