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Extension Delicious Joomla extensions

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Joomla extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:DeliciousThis component gets your bookmarks from your delicious account and shows customized page(s) with a tag cloud and your bookmarks (recent and random). It requires a periodic cronjob or one-time download to (regularly) import your delicious bookmarks (with tags and bundles).***Installation # Install the component in as you would with any component. # Go to Components>delicious and read the remaining instructions. (some manual php editing is needed)***Features * Basically you can view:o a tag cloudo your bookmarks (most recent and some random)o breadcrumbs (with manual input)o RSS link from delicious * You can specify your own main tags to make these tags more noticeable in the cloud (e.g. your organisation's major goals) * You can start off each page with some preselected tags * “Random Links” don't accidently show up if they are in “Recent Links” (on the same page) * Similarly if all links are shown in “Random” ánd “Recent”, no redundant pagination will be shown. * Template driven * SEF:o SEF routingo The pre- or user selected tags are always alfabetised (in URL and on screen).This way you can have only 1 URL to a combination of tags,which we believe is as well user as search engine optimized. (This also lowers your cache). (Only works when SEF is active on your joomla site) * Import (cron) options:o Optionally filter out by tag or privateo Tag bundles are converted to tags and set on their relevant bookmarkso Makes backup each X days of your imports, with max. Y files.o Protect cron with secret wordYou can see it here in action. Please be careful as this is a live site! http://www.vegetarisme.be/index.php?option=com_delicious&view=delicious&Itemid=256(For the extension-approver: JED rules link is broken)

Link to extension in joomla extensions directory: Extension Delicious Joomla extensions