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Extension Fake online for joomla Joomla extensions

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Joomla extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:Fake online! for joomla!Designed for new sites that have little or no members to help get the ball rollingThis is the default standard
fake online! module, it's very simple and has very few back end parameters.The number of members online will always include the actual member online at the moment veiwing the module, so that if the fake members =1 then it will show 2 members if a real user is logged in also.The minimum and maximum member's and guest's options in the back end simply define the min and max amount, and a random number inbetween these amounts will be generated for each.The time store option is how long this value should be stored in seconds, in the case above its set to 30 seconds meaning that every 30 seconds a new value for the guests and members will be setAll fake online modules share the same variables so will all reflect the same amount of members and guests online at any given time.

Link to extension in joomla extensions directory: Extension Fake online for joomla Joomla extensions