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Extension Geocode Joomla extensions

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Joomla extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:GeocodeThis combo contains the full GeoCoding Suite. geocoding component & plugin, GeoAvatar Member Matching Module (for Jomsocial and Community Builder), GeoGroup Module for Jomsocial and the Geo Text replacer for
.This system will gather a visitors City, State, Country, Zipcode, Arecode, Map Coordinates, Timezone, GMT offset and DST offset from their IP address. This information is then stored in a DB as well as a cookie which includes an API to easily access this information to use in any number of ways.This package includes 4 extensions, 1st the Member Matching Module called "GeoAvatar" this module is written for Jomsocial and Community Builder and will look at the visitors IP address and find all members within a certain distance of the visitor based on pre-set criteria such as state or country,This also works for logged in members.GeoGroup is similar to GeoAvatar but it displays groups local to the viewer, This only works for Jomsocial at the moment.Also included is a text tag system for joomla which will allow you to customize articles according to visitors, See the front page article for an example. Our Welcome message welcomes a user if they are registered to the system even if they are not logged in.If they are not registered it simply states welcome guest. This is done by placing tags in your articles such as [name] which will call you WebMaster if you are a member.

Link to extension in joomla extensions directory: Extension Geocode Joomla extensions