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Extension Geommunity Joomla extensions

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GeommunityThis j1.5 native module can work with either Jomsocial or Community Builder 'Geommunity Locator' profile plugins. It lists users with coordinates and shows them on a Google map with their Nano profile in the marker info window.Map parameters: Width, height, default latitude, default longitude, default zoom, scroll wheel zoom, default maptype (earth etc..., moon, mars or sky...), Marker style(9 colors)NanoProfile parameters: Jomsocial or Community Builder Marker quantity, ordered by profilehits/lastonline/userpoints, Naming: fullname/username Avatar, Status (Jomsocial/CBwhatru), Profile views, AUP, JS points & karma, Kunena posts & karma, Friends count, PUAscores, MyPlayer integrationYou can choose how many markers to show and how to order them... Most profile hits, user points, kunena posts etc... You can then choose to show top user or random user marker info window on map loading.You can finally control the module with url parameters, user info window to open, map type, marker color , zoom and coordinates etc...

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