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Extension JA Comment Joomla extensions

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Joomla extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:JA CommentThe component was developed to meet several needs such as easy administration, powerful front-end features, fast comment moderation and easy integration with other content components. It was designed to be easy for beginners and powerful enough for advanced users to administer and control. We can just keep on bragging about this unique commenting system, try it to believe it!Features* Powerful moderation - comments are split in four tabs: approved, not approved, SPAM, all, with comment highlight capabilities;* User Avatar - enable avatar from Joomla! community components such as Community Builder or JomSocial or widely known communities such as Twitter or Facebook (powered by RPXNow and RPXNow plugin);* E-mail and comments templates - just by using the built in editors, you can easily customize the look and feel of the comments and notification e-mails sent by the component;* Strong security - SPAM filters, ban IP and e-mail addresses, bad words filter and more;* AXAJ Technologies used - comments moderation in both front-end and back-end or component administration use AJAX technologies to save bandwidth and speed up the page load.* share videos and other resources;* log in with social network ID like Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and Google!

Extension for Joomla.

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