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Extension JDating Joomla extensions

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Joomla extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:JDatingThis component will help to create a social network. Among the features of this component, we can mention: -allows you to view user profiles -allows voting profiles / user photos -allows adding reviews profiles / user photos -allow sending and receiving private messages (with notification to the message read by the recipient) -allows you to add / delete specific users in a list of friends -allows you to add / delete specific users in a list of Favorites -allows you to view users that have added the "Favorite" -users to search by various criteriaSettings specific user profile: -you can set who has access profile -can set the display or not the name -Who can be set to view contact details -you can set who can post comments to profile -you can set who can vote profile -you can set who can add comments to pictures -you can set who can vote pictures -you can set automatic publish or not to profile comments -can set the automatic publish or not comments to picture

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