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JPresentsJoomla version: 1.5 native Requirements: JomSocial or CommunityBuilderThis is a complete gift system for Joomla and JomSocial or Community Builder which gives your users the possibility to send gifts to each other!You can create as many gifts as you want in the backend, add a cool image for it, type in some description.You can even assign a price to the gifts. Price is equal to the JomSocial activity points or the AlphaUserPoints of a user. You can freely choose which one of them you want to use. Of course you can also set gifts to be totally free
, without any points.So you can create really rare gifts which only users can "afford" that do a lot for your community!Just try it out in our demo!When sending gifts you can leave the user a message, make this message publically viewable or only viewable by the recepient.The gifts each user has received will be listed in his JomSocial or CommunityBuilder profile, as long as he has added the plugin to his profile.Of course, you can make it a core application.Package contains the core component and the JomSocial + CommunityBuilder plugins. AlphaUserPoints integration is already build in.

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