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Extension JTurbo Joomla extensions

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Joomla extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:JTurboJTurbo instantly supercharges your Joomla! website up to 100x the original speed by using various methods of optimization, including but not limited to: compression of static files, obfuscation, and utilizing the power of cloud computing! JTurbo effortlessly compresses and obfuscates all of your website's javascript and css files, and then offloads them to the ultrafast cloud network, in order to deliver the utmost fastest transmission and page load times to your website's visitors, without altering any of your existing code or files.Simultaneously, protect your website's HTML, CSS, and Javascript code from prying eyes, save bandwidth (lower costs), lower latency, and increase page load times with JTurbo through built-in code obfuscation and compression features.JTurbo can also keep your database tables optimized on a regular basis to ensure the best website performance at all times.Don't settle for less! Safely supercharge any ! website with JTurbo!FEATURES:* SuperCharge up to 100x - Safely and effortlessly supercharge your website up to 100x the original speed without modifying any of your site files.* Compress static files - Concurrently save bandwidth, lower costs, lower latency, and increase page load times by compressing your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files.* Obfuscate static files - Protects your code from prying eyes by obfuscating your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files.* Utilize cloud computing - Effortlessly offloads your static files to the ultrafast cloud network.* Optimize your database - Keep your database optimized regularly for peak performance.* Webserver Level Integration - Optionally integrate JTurbo and offload files to the cloud network at the webserver level. Supports Apache, .htaccess, Lighttpd, and Nginx!* Professional user-friendly interface - A professional, easy to use interface.* Easy & quick installation - No technical knowledge required, you can be all setup within minutes!* Supports all languages - Including: English, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Malay, Polish...* Compatible with all platforms - Compatible with all platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux!* Exclusively for Joomla! - This application was exclusively developed for Joomla! 1.5.x* No recurring fees - Buy to own! One-time fee only, no contracts or recurring costs.* Lifetime support & updates included - Lifetime support and
upgrades are included.

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