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Extension Mod Social Joomla extensions

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Mod SocialSmall, easy and configurable module, which provides you integration of common bookmarking services like Google Bookmarks, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Uppon etc. Fits perfectly into "syndicate" or "footer" below content.Features: # Integrated stylesheet directly into the module. No need to modify other css files. # Change design of module via stylesheet in modules/mod_social/styles/social.css # Native Joomla 1.5.x # Language independent (only icons, no text) # Social bookmark services can be enabled and disabled. Choose among: Google, Twitter, Windows Live, Facebook, StudiVZ MeinVZ SchülerVZ, MySpace, Deli.cio.us, Digg, Folkd, Linkarena, Mister Wong, Newsvine, Reddit, Stumble Uppon, Yahoo, Bookmarks, Yigg # Free of superfluous text # Design via CSS # free
of javascript # Parsing of page title to the service # Easy to integrate into containers "footer" or "syndicate"

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