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Extension Moyea Web Player Joomla extensions

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Joomla extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:Moyea Web PlayerFree trial version available with our logo and the following great features:* Easy and direct edit inside the module itself, invoking the totally free FLV player without logo.* Create and customize flash video player in the desktopend program, set you free from limitations and there are rich styles and options to choose from.* Input flash video formats supporting FLV and H.264 coded MP4, MOV, 3GP and 3G2.* Input flash video methods supporting "from local", "from URL", "from RTMP Stream" and "from YouTube Video".* Add advertisements using video, SWF, image, HTML and JS, with customized caption, position, duration, navigation on click etc.* Adorable player skins with irregular-shaped controlbar style are available to maximumly decorate your own style player.* Extremely rich flash player profiles include "list and component", "skin settings", "playback settings", "big play button", "replay settings" and "advanced settings".* "Misc" option provides plenty background colors and preloader styles for selection.* Newly added publish settings enable you to publish the customized flash video player to local site so that the player effect can be immediately previewed.* 14 diverse addons/plugins are available to extend the web player's capabilities. Everyone of them is unique and useful, and powerful.* All the Moyea Web Player, FLV Player, Addons/Plugins and related Flash Video Converters have a free free trial version for everyone to download and experience.* Frequent updates. This is the 17th edition of Moyea Web Player so far, the quality and function is just getting better and better.* Highly-trained customer-care team and our professional web tutorial, blog and forum are always awaiting if you have any question and feedback.

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