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Extension RD-Bugreporter Joomla extensions

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extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:RD-BugreporterThe Bugreporter component is based on Joomla! 1.5 and has the functionality to report bugs, feature requests, security issues and all sort of development things. Off course there are a lot more things to do with it. You will also be able to use it as a small forum or interaction center. Main task for using this program is reporting bugs and feature requests. It looks like a forum board, and has the main functionality of a forum. But as we also where using forum boards I discovered some functionality was missing when reporting bugs and problems. For user problems it was OK. But if you want a complete overview of reported bugs and problems.. We decided to create a “message/bug reporting” tool. Requirements for Bugreporter:- Joomla! 1.5.15 (not supporting older versions) - PHP 5 (not supporting PHP 4 anymore) - MySQL 5Main Features of Bug Reporter:- Category Overviews with ACL levels - Simple ACL for groups. (Example: Development/Translators/Moderators/Users) - Group/Categories will have another icon when it’s another ACL group - Setting group Permissions (Moderate or not? Is Translator? - Posting in category depending on ACL level - Give users extra ACL for moderating only - Every level has its own icon (color – PSD file is added also)- Subscribe to issue/report - Unsubscribe from issue/report - Favorites per user (overview) (unlimited) - Delete Favorites from your list - Show attachments to registered users only - Add attachments to comments (1 per comment) - Creator can add unlimited attachments to a report - Add images to reports (unlimited) - Images will show up in light box - Make comments to issue report - Issues will be shown different (color) when you’re in another group - Change issue state: Assigned/Rejected/Closed/Open/In Progress/Waiting for input) - Every State has its own icon (no PSD available) - SEF Urls for SEO - Users can close their own report| - Moderators can close all reports if needed. - Moderators can remove/delete comments including attachment| - When closing a topic, an automated comment will be created.These features above are the main features and will be extended there where needed, we’re always trying to improve our components and programs to have the best for you!

Link to extension in joomla extensions directory: Extension RD-Bugreporter Joomla extensions