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Extension RoomBooker Joomla extensions

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extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:RoomBookerThis joomla component will help you organizing the timetable for your 'buildings', 'rooms', classes and so on. A 'room' can be many things like books in the library, PCs in auditory, seats in the theater and etc.You configure each element from the back-end step by step and your staff members use it from the front-end to save you from headache of doing every booking yourself.On the home page of the component you'll see 3 calendars shown: the current month and the next 2 months. The current day is highlighted.* If you click on a date bookings for this date are shown listed by 'building' - 'room' name. For each booking periods, short description, staff member name and class name are shown.* If you click on a booking you'll see all the information regarding it.You can edit, save and delete a booking only if you're its owner or have the back-end access to the site. If you attempt to delete a recurring booking you will be asked to confirm the removel of this booking only or all the recurrings as well.You can configure the component in such a way that only staff members will be able to perform operations with bookings. Guest and/or registered users can browse the bookings but cannot create bookings in this case.

Extension for Joomla.

Link to extension in joomla extensions directory: Extension RoomBooker Joomla extensions