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Extension simpleSwitch Joomla extensions

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simpleSwitchsimpleSwitch - switch parts of your templates on/off per page ! It's specific purpose is to enable you to switch parts of a template on/off per page, independently of the presence of other modules and/or other module-positions.I needed a way show specific HTML/script-parts only on 1 or 2 pages of my website and sure did NOT want to have to deal with article/category/section-ids manually, so i wrote this tiny switch-module that allows me as well as any other admin to publish / unpublish that specific parts of my template per page and do so comfortably via Joomla!-backend.The usage is very simple: <?phpif($this->countModules('myIndependentPosition')) : ?>      my very content ( HTML, PHP, JS, Meta-tag, IMG or whatsoever ) goes here ... and will later only be expressed on the page if the simpleSwitch module is 'shown' on that page<?php endif; ?>You use it just like any other module: 1. First you assign it to your chosen position ( in the example above it's "myIndependentPosition" ).2. Next you choose on which pages you want it to be published/shown: only on specific pages, or on all pages or on none at all. This can be defined the usual way in the module-manager → module "simpleSwitch" Since the switch is realized as a module, you can create an own position for the module in your template if u want, so your free
to use it wherever you want in your template, even for instance in the header ( i.g. if you want to controll the inbind of a .css or .js - file or so )Tip: You can clone the switch via the "copy" function in the modul-manager in case you need several switches in your template !Enjoy XDby Lab5 Webdesign ( Basel ) http://lab5.ch

Link to extension in extensions directory: Extension simpleSwitch Joomla extensions