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Extension Translator for Joomla Joomla extensions

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Joomla extensions. Info and link for download for Extension:[Translated by google:]Welcome! Joomla Translator is a program designed to assist you in creating translated files for Components, and Modules. Joomla Translator – will remember all your translated files once for ever:We should read all the translated files to the JT database. By adding new files to translation: program will compare them with the existing base of translation and shows what words require translation. The database is saved in a text file, so to share it - just copy them (or save as a .ini file and add it to an existing database). Using the program is freeware and intuitive, so I will not describe it. Alternatively, please refer to the folder "test" in the rapid test program. If you have any suggestions, ideas about JT - we'll implement in our free free time. I am waiting for bugs finders – i try to make it bether as soon it's possible.

Link to extension in extensions directory: Extension Translator for Joomla Joomla extensions