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Extension Udjamaflip Automated Tag Cloud Joomla extensions

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Udjamaflip Automated Tag CloudWhen working on Joomla websites it is often that people would prefer it to be able to provide a more Wordpress like blog feel when it is being used as a blog, one of these things is the widgets panel in the sidebar. Tag clouds are often used to give a bump in SEO and also to help the user get a good idea of what content the website contains. When looking through the joomla extensions I came across a few half-hearted attempts at tag clouds which involved you manually turning off/on words you wouldn't want in the cloud.I have now made my very own Tag Cloud which albeit is in beta but will go through your Joomla content (and is also compatible with JComments, Virtuemart Products, and CCBoard posts) and automatically generates a tag cloud based on your content. I am aware people will want content from other components, so if you want one adding then please ask in the comments below or on my website and I will do my best. I have made the code simple as well so if you don't mind changing the PHP in the module then it will be easy to copy and paste a few lines to add other components to the content list in the tag cloud.FEATURES* Supports Articles, VirtueMart Products, JComment comments, and ccBoard posts. * Allows exclusion of words, on-top of the included extensive list of 'common' words. * Signature of author is turned on by default, you can disable this in module manager. * Font size variation is allowed, i.e. most popular is 25px, least is 10px * Limit the amount of tags in the cloud, this defaults to 25. * Developed on PHP 5.2.X, please inform me of problems.THIS PRODUCT IS IN BETA ALTHOUGH EXTENSIVE TESTING HAS BEEN PERFORMED ON MY SERVER SETUP.

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