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Extension AtomiconGallery Joomla extensions

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AtomiconGalleryAtomiconGallery is a lightweight database-less gallery. The gallery is developed with the ease of use and designers in mind.Easy to implement and use for both you and/or your clients.The whole gallery setup is so transparent you can easily customize the gallery without being a Joomla! guru. It has a thumbnail generator/images resizer, you can add descriptions to your images.It also makes use of the fabulous slimbox. But that can also be easily overridden with your own lightbox implementation.* Thumbnail and Image generation Creating thumbnails and resizing images* Easy implementation Installation is easy and the parameters are easy to follow* Transparent and clear CSS The CSS setup is very transparent making it easy to customize for designers* Runs out of the box It runs straight out of the box* Easy navigation Users can easily navigate through the gallery* Languages Easily translate the gallery (support for three languages initially: English, Dutch and German)(edit) No registration needed to download this component

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