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Extension Automatic Joomla Categories Joomla extensions

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If you have a blog or other content based website and like to keep your
articles organized in neat categories this component may be a big help to you...Lets imagine you have a Joomla website with a section named "Blog". Inside your blog section you have nicely organized categories such as "January 2010", and inside this category you have all of your blog articles from January 2010. Every month you will need to create a new category in your blog section named "Month Year", This isnt such a big deal you might think, not much work involved there? - Your right... But what if you have a news website, or some other sort of article based website with lots of sections? - Could you imagine having to create 60 or more new categories every month just to keep your articles organized? Would it be worth it? of course not. But what if you could make it as easy as clicking one button?Thats why I created this simple Joomla extension. "Automatic Categories" component.Using this simple component you can automatically create a new set of categories inside your sections. We understand that you will have sections that you will not want to create new categories inside of every month, this is the reason that you must create your sections with this component.This is v1.0 of this component so I welcome all feedback, either here at the JED or here http://www.jaytucker.com/blog/2010/automatic-joomla-categories/Note: If you already have your sections created and don't want to mess about moving the articles over, you can add "sectype=articles" without quotes into the relevant section's "params" field in the jos_section table using something like phpmyadmin, we can provide you with this service if necessary.

Link to extension in joomla extensions directory: Extension Automatic Joomla Categories Joomla extensions